Four "Pillars" of Service (What We Do!)

Since 2009, CSLI Annapolis has been commissioned to be a partner to the Church in the greater Annapolis community; to make disciples who can articulate, defend, and live the gospel in their public and private lives.  The Aslan House, located at 178 Prince George St. in Annapolis, MD, is located equidistant from the U.S. Naval Academy (Military), Saint John 's College (Education), Maryland State Capitol (Government) and the City Dock (Community).  It became clear through the purchase and location of the property, that CSLI Annapolis was to serve the four pillars of our community:  Military, Education, Government, and the Community at large.

Our invitation to serve this community has come by invitation, and today CSLI Annapolis serves the four "pillars" as follows: 


CSLI Annapolis offers the FELLOWS PROGRAM, PASTOR PRAYER LUNCHEONS and SEMINARS to the community of Annapolis.

The FELLOWS PROGRAM is a year-long discipleship program requiring 8-10 hours/week of study helping the students to become better followers of Jesus.  Applications are accepted February 1st through May 15th and the class year runs June to June.  The class managers for the 2018-19 Fellows class are Rob Shepherd (Year 1) and Sean Williams (Year 2).

Over 100 pastors participate in our quarterly PASTOR PRAYER LUNCHEONS.  These pastors come together for food, fellowship and prayer, and also meet during the week to pray with one another in small groups.  A dedicated website has been established for this activity - Pastor Prayer Network - and Bart Physioc is the facilitator for this ministry.

SEMINARS are offered 2-3 times each year and feature a gifted, scholarly speaker on topics relevant to our culture.  You can find these events on the Calendar of Events on this website and receive notification by being on our monthly newsletter distribution. Send us a note if you do not receive this newsletter today.  The facilitator for seminars is our Associate City Director, Rob Shepherd.


CSLI Annapolis offers STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS to the students of Saint John's College.  The men's fellowship meets weekly for dinner and discussion on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm until 9pm at the Aslan House; the women's fellowships meets weekly for tea and discussion on Fridays from 4pm until 5:30pm at the Aslan House.  The Student Fellowships Coordinator is Jim Phillips.


CSLI offers seniors at the U.S. Naval Academy a year-long discipleship program called the COLLEGE ASSOCIATES PROGRAM.  This program is also a subset of the Fellows Program requiring about 2-3 hours/week of study and runs from June to May each year.  The coordinators of the College Associates Program is Mark Carter and Colleen Carter.


The newest opportunity for CSLI Annapolis is our STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT which is a developing partnership between Capitol Commissions and CSLI.  The goal make gifted Christian scholars available to our State Legislators to help them defend and frame their moral stand on issues of the day in a language the culture will understand.  Al VanHorne is the facilitator for this ministry.



  • Over 125 Fellows have completed the Fellows Program in Annapolis representing over 20 denominations and 30 churches.

  • Over 100 students have participated in our Student Fellowships and are now serving around the world as pastors, priests, missionaries, and a wide range of secular vocations.

  • Over 30 students have completed the College Associates class the past three years and the 2018-19 class is 20 strong.

  • Over 100 pastors participate in the Pastor Prayer Luncheons and there are seven pastor prayer groups meeting regularly.

  • Hundreds of people have attended the seminars that occur each year with notable speakers like Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Randy Newman, Ken Boa, and others.

  • None of this work could be done without the faithful support of our speakers, facilitators, mentors, and donors. Thank you for your support of CSLI Annapolis. If you would like to support this work financially, you can do this by going to SUPPORT CSLI FINANCIALLY. (Please specify "Annapolis" as the recipient of your donation.)